Enji veröffentlicht neues Album und Video

Mongolian jazz singer Enji Erkhem graces us with her soulful sound and stories of her upbringing in this autobiographical short

Born in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolian singer Enji Erkhem grew up in a yurt to a working-class family. Having always been drawn to music, dance and literature, her initial ambitions to become a music teacher were eclipsed when a program by the local Goethe Institute sparked her passion for Jazz, which eventually led her to become the composer and performing artist she is today.

In an eponymously titled film directed by Anne Gryczka, the Munich-based singer recounts tales of her family and her upbringing in Mongolia, and the universality and medicinal effects of music. Her monologue is interspersed with performances of tracks from her second album Ursgal, where she creates a unique blend of Jazz and Folk with the traditions of Mongolian song. Her lyrics tell personal stories about unbearable distances, the oddness of being on earth and the simple truths in life.

Ursgal is out soon on Squama Recordings. 

Source: Nowness Asia