Enji „Ulaan“ Among the Best 10 Jazz Albums of 2023

Washington Post: „Sometimes, the best music is a get-out-of-your-life machine. It can transport you to realms beyond language, impossible retro-futures, alien atmospheres, Mongolia-via-Brazil. Other times, music can make mundane places — the streets of D.C., the basements of Baltimore, a MARC train ride from one to the other — feel profoundly enchanted. You see where I’m going with this. Here are my favorite pop albums of 2023.“


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The year’s most thrilling albums were made by artists pushing beyond borders, teaming with new collaborators and making bold statements of their own.


10. Enji, ‘Ulaan’

Don’t beat yourself up too hard for missing this one when it came out in July, but don’t let it pass you by: the third release from a young Mongolian-born, Munich-based singer with a voice pitched just above a whisper. Enji mixes cool jazz registers with echoes of her home country’s “long song” (Urtiin Duu) tradition. Cafe-style jazz singers like this rarely sound so unpretentious, original and free.

Source: Giovanni Russonello Dec. 7, 2023, The New York Times, Link to source